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Russia & Former East Block

Short term automobile insurance for

  • drivers, who work/reside in the Russian Federation and use their own motorcycle
  • Dutch and/or foreign tourists
  • motorcycles with export registration/license plates

Coverage offered

  • Third Party Liability - Primary and Secondary coverage -
    • Primary coverage:
    • As of 01.07.2003 Russian authorities have introduced a compulsory Liability insurance for motor vehicles valid for the whole Russian Federation. This insurance can be obtained at the border but offers very low coverage for bodily injury and property damage.

    • Secondary coverage:
    • In addition to the compulsory insurance we can provide additional policy, which offers secondary liability coverage with a limit of USD 1.000.000,-.


Drivers between the age of 18-75 with valid drivers license and clean driving record.

Eligible vehicles


Territorial Limits

Russia and other countries forming part of the Russian Federation


On the International Insurance Card (Green Card) , issued by European Insurance Companies, the countries Estonia (EST), Latvia (LV), Lithuania (LT), Belarus (BY) and Ukraine (UA) should be mentioned. However, some companies are not willing to grant coverage for those regions.

We can provide a Green Card for EST, LV, LT, BY  and UA.

Period of Insurance

minimum 15 days up to a maximum of twelve (12) months.

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